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1.1. We laptop repairs london agrees to purchase your equipment you will be paid the amount quoted to you via email after you have requested a quote, as long as your laptop ,apple mac or any other electronic gadget (and any of its accessories or related material) was accurately described.

1.2. All amounts will be paid in GBP (£) sterling by bank transfer or company cheque and posted to the address you provide to us. This may take up to seven business days for cheques and same day transfer if we agreed the quote before 2pm from the date on which your laptop (or any other electronic gadget) is inspected at our site. No quote we make is binding upon us until we receive your laptop and inspect it. We aim to complete our checks within 10 working days of receipt of any item.

1.3. By agreeing to these terms and conditions and by sending your laptop to us you certify that you are the legal owner of the laptop and any ancilliary kit that you send.


2.1. Quotes presented on the website. All such initial quotes are pending our evaluation of your laptop and no binding offer is made until we have had a chance to inspect the laptop or other device that you send to us. We reserve the right to refuse to offer to purchase any item that you send us.

2.2. We determine the value of your mac or laptop based on many factors such as its age, make and model, wear and tear and any repair costs.

2.3. If we decide not to purchase the device or to sell it as your Agent you will be given the option of allowing us to recycle the device but you will not receive any payment for it. You must appropriately package the goods you send us in order to protect them from harm during the shipping process. You are solely responsible for any harm that results from poor packaging.

2.4. You are solely responsible for the risk of loss or damage of/to your property while it is being shipped to us and while it is shipped from us to you, should we return the item to you.

2.5. Data Removal– We will remove any data upon your hard drive or other media storage device of your laptop and may reformat the drive in order to do so.

2.6. Should you be given a quote via email and after inspection of your laptop, we agree to pay you that amount, you are legally and contractually bound to sell us the laptop or other device for the price quoted once you have shipped the laptop to us.

2.7. Should we, upon inspection of your laptop or other device, decide to offer you a lower price than originally quoted, you will have five days to either accept or reject that new price. If you fail to accept the price within five days, or if you reject the price prior to the elapsing of five days, we will return your laptop to you.


2.8. You must own the right, title and all legal interest in the laptop or other items you send us. Your sale and or shipment of any such item must not violate any law or regulation. You may not unlawfully infringe any intellectual property, trademark, copyright, patent, software, licence or other legal right or restriction via yourshipping or selling of the shipped item. The item you ship must be free of all legal restrictions that would affect the value of the item, restrict your legal right to transfer ownership of the item (including the item itself, software present on the item, or hardware on or inside the item). The item you send (including all related materials, software and add on hardware) may not be counterfeited, stolen or contain harmful or offensive content of any nature. You agree to hold us harmless and indemnify us from any and all loss of any nature,including fees, costs, judgments, liens and reasonable fees arising from any threatened or actual legal action should you violate this term and condition of this Agreement.


2.9. Legal title of your device passes to us when we agree to pay you the originally quoted amount or you agree to accept a lower offer that we make to you. Title for all devices accepted for recycling passes to us when you agree to allow the device to be recycled. All decisions about whether or not we purchase your device and for what amount are final. Any offer to purchase your laptop that we make is a non-transferable offer and also expires if not accepted by you in a timely manner. At any time we may decide, without prior notice, to discontinue purchasing any particular or all items.

2.10. Errors – should we make a material error in any representation of facts, information or offers to you, your sole recourse is to request the return of the item that you have sent to us. Your ability to request the return of the item elapses upon your receipt of the payment we issue for your item. In the event that you elect to cancel the transaction prior to receiving our payment we will return the item to you upon your request at your cost.